Monday, July 18, 2011

Bright Pink French Manicure Nails With Silver Glitter

So i was bored last night and decided to paint my nails. Here is the look i did, which came out super cute. 
This is really easy to do and anyone can do it.  I used this Sinful colors nail art polish that i purchased from walgreen for $1.99 and one similar to that in silver glitter that you can find anywhere. 
Here is step by step on how to create this easy design.
Step 1. Apply base coat to prevent yellowing.
Step 2. Optional- Paint a base color. I used a very light pink almost the color of a natural nail.
Step 3. Using the polish color of your choice, paint the tips of your nails french manicure style.
Step 4. Grab your favorite glitter and draw a thin line right under the french tips you just painted on.
Step 5. Apply a Top coat of your choice ( i recommend Seche Vite)